Conservative Female Podcasts

Conservative Female Podcasts

It is important to stay informed about the latest events happening in the world and even more so if at home we are being bombarded by the progressive media sewer. 

Much of the content you will find today on television, public radio (paid for with our taxes) and in the newspaper is filled with a reality that seeks to be imposed by leaders and personalities of the left who do not represent the true American sentiment.

Much of the war we face today is communicational. The status quo of traditional media and progressive social media influencers want to take over all spaces and impose their anti-Western globalist agenda that wants to destroy our values and tradition. 

They all know that we are censorious beings and through sending false ideas such as global warming, collectivism, disarmament and diabolical practices such as abortion through social media, they want to contaminate the minds of our youth and adults.

As women we must be the defenders of our homes. Our families are the most valuable treasure we have and we cannot allow them to be contaminated by the liberal tendencies that seek to destroy the nucleus of the most important institution of society. 

Again, we are fighting a war that is now informational. Media networks seek to grab all the attention by sending us fake news and herding us like a flock of sheep towards communist collectivism. But there will always be a shock alternative to these leftist phonies.

On The Steel Truth you can get all the information you need to know as a woman. Analyses, debates and news about what is happening in our country and the world. You can't ignore what directly affects you as an American citizen. In our podcast you will find content made by and for conservative women. A feminine approach full of strength and vigor. Together we can continue to fight this crusade.

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About Steel Truth

Tired of the lies imposed by the media, are you concerned about the fate of our country? Be a part of the Steel Truth information experience. 

We are the American conservative podcast you need to hear. We publish daily content on our web portal and YouTube channel. We are on various platforms with free and paid content for your Our voice is boots on the ground standing strong to defend our country, God, family and our principles. 

Our mission and passion with our country is to defend your freedom from the clutches of Marxist progressives and perverts trying to impose their globalist and manipulative anti-Western agenda.

In our latest content you will find interviews with guest conservatives such as General Flynn, Judge Jeanine Pirro and more.

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Conservative Female Podcasts